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The 3rd Overall Pick.

We are now exactly one week from the start of the NFL Draft and I remain convinced that the Buccaneers will NOT be picking at number 3. I want more than anything for them to pick a player at that spot not just so we have the potential of an immediate impact player but more so as a way of showing us as fans that they are committed to spending money. Deep down though I do not think they’ll pick someone at number 3 and end up trading down. We all know that in some way the Glazers are tight with money so I think it’s next to impossible for them to give a player a $30 million signing bonus which is what the 3rd overall pick from last year’s draft made.

I think one potential move would be for Denver to trade up from number 10 to number 3 so they can be guaranteed Dez Bryant. It’s been widely rumored that Bryant was at the top of Denver’s list of prospects but probably likely that he wouldn’t fall to number 10. Now with Brandon Marshall being traded to Miami the need for a new playmaker at WR becomes even more apparent. I’d imagine the Bucs would be able to pick up another 2nd round pick in order for this deal to happen. I certainly think the 3rd overall pick warrants the swapping of 1st overall picks as well as a 2nd round pick. If we were to end up with a 3rd round pick I’d be happy with that too.

Another team that comes to mind that I know would like to move up is the Buffalo Bills. It’s been rumored that they’re very interested in Tim Tebow but I think taking him at number 8 is too high for him despite my man love for sir Timmy Tebow. So I could see the Bills swapping first rounds and giving up their 3rd so they could potentially have a shot at either Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen.

That being said personally I think Tebow is the best QB in the draft, he doesn’t have the “perfect” throw that everyone seems to think he must have to be successful in the NFL but he’s the epitome of leadership and winning and I truly think those things can carry someone along way regardless of how perfect their throwing motion is. I think he is above and beyond both Bradford and Clausen.

This draft is so deep that having 5 picks in the first 3 rounds would give us the opportunity to get some good, possibly immediate impact players.


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