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Bucs move on from Bryant.

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Antonio Bryant in 2008

Raheem Morris told reporters today in Indianapolis that the team would be moving on from WR Antonio Bryant. The team had concerns with the long term health of the knee he had surgery on prior to the 09 season.

Bucs fans now can look forward to Michael Clayton as our starter. The guy we’re paying $7 million a year and averaged less than 1 catch per game last season. How exciting.

Sammie Stroughter I’m excited about. I think he showed a lot of potential last year seeing that he was a 7th round draft pick. I can’t say the same for Maurice Stovall or Brian Clark. Stovall has shown signs of good hands but has lacked the ability to run good routes and break away from coverage.

Not to mention the Bucs passed on Donte Stallworth who signed with the Ravens for only $900k a year. That’s a steal. Put his personal issues aside, he would have been a cheap immediate upgrade at what’s now an even bigger need position.

Here’s to hoping there’s another DeSean Jackson sitting around for the the Bucs in the 2nd round.


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Buccaneers and their money problems.

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment

(L-R) Bryan Glazer-Raheem Morris-Joel Glazer

The question that every Buc fan wants answered is “Are Manchester United’s money problems having a direct impact on the money being spent on the Bucs Organization?” and the short answer is, I have no clue. I’m not the guy with the answers but I am the guy with opinions. I have to believe the issue’s Brian and Joel Glazer are having with Manchester United  are affecting the Bucs. The Glazers historically are pretty generous owners, so to think that they just up and decided to stop spending money is not a coincidence in my opinion.

These are the owners that released a coach and a General Manager whom they still had to cover $25 million in salary over the course of several years (until Bruce Allen signed with the Redskins, they still are paying Jon Gruden $5 million a year NOT to be the Bucs coach).

It wasn’t until the offseason before the 2009 season that we started to really see signs of problems within the Bucs organization. It was reported that the Bucs were big players in a bid to acquire top free agent DT Albert Haynesworth, I and probably every other Buc fan were ecstatic. Not too long after that we heard that the Bucs couldn’t come up with necessary signing bonus to attract Haynesworth to Tampa and he ended up signing with the Redskins.

Then again I don’t know what to think because not long after the Haynesworth deal fell through, we traded a 2nd round pick in 09 and a 5th round pick in 10 to Cleveland for TE Kellen Winslow and soon after signed him to a 6 yr deal worth $36.1 million with about $20 million in guarantees. The exception to this move is the fact that Winslow got a $0 signing bonus. Which in turn leads me to believe that the Glazers are struggling to come up with up front cash that helps a team acquire some top flight talent.

GM Mark Domenik has already come out to say that the Bucs will not be players in free agency this year and some say that not many teams will be because the free agency class will be limited due to the impending uncapped year in 2011. That may be true if the NFL and the CBA can’t come to an agreement by March 5th but there will be a few notable players available  and to know that we can count the Bucs out of all the action is disheartening for a fan. Especially for season ticket owners who are now receiving the bill for their seats and wondering why are they going to pay to see a team when it seems clear that the Glazers  are not going to do everything they can to put a championship caliber team on the field.

Gerald McCoy -- Ndamukong Suh

During the last couple days, reports have been flying that the Bucs are in talks with the Rams to try to move up to the 1st pick and in turn we would send the Rams our 1st rd pick, a 3rd rd pick and QB Josh Johnson. In theory the move for the Bucs would be well worth it in the sense that we’d be guaranteed either one of the top DT prospects Gerald McCoy or Ndamukong Suh. They are projected as the best 2 players in the draft and are said to have the ability to make an impact on day 1.

So far so good right? Well wait just a minute. Let’s recap. Bucs can’t give signing bonus money to either Haynesworth or Winslow. Explain to me how they are going to come up with $10-20 million in signing bonus money for the #1 pick in the draft. Are the Glazers going to use the $26 million they just sold their estate for? I don’t think so. I personally feel like they’re going to trade out of the 1st rd completely or trade down and stock up on 2nd and 3rd round picks. Remember the experts are saying that this is the deepest draft since 1983 and if you look back to that year the last 2 picks drafted in the 1st round that year were Dan Marino and Darrell Green both Hall of Famers.

So while I see the immediate impact potential that McCoy or Suh would give us I’m also realizing that this may be a chance to stock up on some quality players at other need positions instead of solely focusing on one or two positions. Only time will tell I guess.


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Chargers part ways with LT.

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Where will he end up?

The Chargers released Ladainian Tomlinson today after 9 illustrious seasons during which he has become known as on of the NFL’s greatest running backs. He leaves San Diego as the teams leading rusher and scorer. He has a career total of 12,490 rushing yards which ranks 8th on the all time rushing list, just 5,865 yards behind Emmitt Smith. Tomlinson is only 3 seasons removed from posting 28 rushing touchdowns and winning the league MVP.

“It was a longtime coming, but I knew it was coming,” Tomlinson said in a telephone interview with “Now that it’s official, I can kind of look to the next step in my career and playing football for someone else.”

LT will undoubtedly land a job somewhere this offseason. Predicting where that will be and whether or not it will be a starting position is the hard part. He’s certainly worthy of a roster spot and I see him contributing in a Ricky Williams like role. That’s not to say I don’t feel like he can’t be successful somewhere else as a starter because I do. I just think that with some of the offensive schemes in play today he could be a real weapon if partnered with another talented back in a not so pass happy offense like the Chargers.

Tomlinson did say during an interview with today that his one requirement for joining a new team is a proven quarterback capable of winning a championship.

“That’s my No. 1 goal,” Tomlinson said. “That’s why I still work hard and train like I do, because I still believe there’s a chance of winning that championship. So the next team I go to has to have a chance of winning a title. I can think of a few teams off the top of my head, but that’s what my agent is for. I’m sure he’s going to do some research, talk to some teams and present some options to me.”

There are a few teams off the top of my head that I feel could be a good fit for LT. Here they are and why;

  1. Houston Texans: They have the making of a championship team. Good (close to great) QB in Matt Schaub. A solid complimentary back in Steve Slaton. Great receiving corps including Andre Johnson and most importantly a good young defense.
  2. Washington Redskins: If it weren’t for all the times Jason Campbell has had to learn a new offensive system the Redskins might be farther along then they are. The fact is Clinton Portis isn’t what he used to be and Dan Snyder isn’t afraid to spend money. So seeing LT in the same backfield as Portis is a reality and would certainly help what has been an anemic offense as of late.
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers: Willie Parker has lost a step and while Rashard Mendenhall has shown flashes I don’t think he’s done enough to prove that he can carry the ball 300+ times a year. The Steelers are a good organization who want to get back to AFC North supremacy. LT could help Roethlisburger and the Steelers do that.
  4. New England Patriots: Let’s face it, the Patriots LOVE running backs. I don’t think it’s all that likely they’d actually sign LT but if they did, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Have any suggestions? Feel free to share your thoughts.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Tee It Up.

February 21, 2010 Leave a comment

We want you back!

All I want from Tiger Woods is to know when I can sit down, turn on my TV and see him playing golf again. Short of committing a crime, what he does off the golf course frankly is none of my business or yours and if you are upset with him because of what he did or how he apologized then you need to take a step back and figure out what’s wrong with yourself.

Tiger doesn’t owe you anything. We the people are responsible for putting him up on this ‘pedestal” that he’s on. He’s a brand that we’ve all bought into, but beyond that he’s an athlete and a human being. People make mistakes and because he’s a private person and doesn’t want to speak to the media about his “transgressions” he’s all of a sudden a bullseye not only for the media but for Joe Schmo sitting at home furious with how he could have an affair and not immediately come out and tell us how tall she was, how big her boobs were and how long he lasted. Get over it people.

If you are or ever were a fan of Tiger Woods the only thing you should concern yourself with is when will he be back on a golf course. Oh and a note to the rest of the PGA… get ready because when he does come back he will destroy all of you. If you thought that he was focused when he played before this, just wait until he’s back. I think all the stuff he’s having to deal with is only going to make him stronger and that my friends is a scary thing.


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The Beginning of “The Real Truth”

February 21, 2010 Leave a comment

This is my first post on a site I’m very excited to be apart of. My friend Kris and I felt like it was time to express our strong feelings about sports and the way it’s mis-represented in the media. We wanted an opportunity to tell people how we feel about trending topics in sports as well as our respected teams.

Check back soon for our first post.


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