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Tee It Up.

February 21, 2010 Leave a comment

We want you back!

All I want from Tiger Woods is to know when I can sit down, turn on my TV and see him playing golf again. Short of committing a crime, what he does off the golf course frankly is none of my business or yours and if you are upset with him because of what he did or how he apologized then you need to take a step back and figure out what’s wrong with yourself.

Tiger doesn’t owe you anything. We the people are responsible for putting him up on this ‘pedestal” that he’s on. He’s a brand that we’ve all bought into, but beyond that he’s an athlete and a human being. People make mistakes and because he’s a private person and doesn’t want to speak to the media about his “transgressions” he’s all of a sudden a bullseye not only for the media but for Joe Schmo sitting at home furious with how he could have an affair and not immediately come out and tell us how tall she was, how big her boobs were and how long he lasted. Get over it people.

If you are or ever were a fan of Tiger Woods the only thing you should concern yourself with is when will he be back on a golf course. Oh and a note to the rest of the PGA… get ready because when he does come back he will destroy all of you. If you thought that he was focused when he played before this, just wait until he’s back. I think all the stuff he’s having to deal with is only going to make him stronger and that my friends is a scary thing.


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